1811    27th Apr    death            Mr, HODGE, , Argyle near Penryn,                                                             RCG
1811    27th Apr    death            Joanna (Mrs), JACKSON, 81, Penryn, On Tues last; widow of the
                                                    late William JACKSON                                                                         RCG
1816 1st Mar ~        death         At Penryn, Mrs. KNOX, wife of the Right Hon. Geo. K, and sister to Chichester
                                                     FORTESCUE, esq. of Glyde Farm, co. Louth. - Capt. Jas. COCK, of his
                                                     Majesty's packet Chichester, 36.                                                         NMM
1816 1st May ~      marriage      At Falmouth, Mr. Thos. WEBSTER, excise officer, to Miss M.A. SHARE,
                                                      of Penryn.                                                                                          NMM
1816 1st May ~       deaths        At Penryn, Mrs. WHITEWAY, 43. - Mrs. Grace GEORGE, 77.                     NMM

Notes for Papers:

Key Code: WB = “West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser” (published Fridays, except 1887)

Key Code: WT = “Falmouth and Penryn Weekly Times" (later: Cornish Echo)

Key Code: NMM = “New Monthly Magazine"

Key Code: RCG = "Royal Cornish Gazette" (transcribed by Chris Uphill)

(see full extract...) = for the full article, refer to the correct year and month on the West Briton website